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BetterBone News

BetterBone sets a new standard in the pet industry with their GMO-free dog treats and chew toys. Committed to sourcing only natural, human-grade ingredients from the food industry, BetterBone guarantees the absence of genetically modified organisms. With strict European regulations prohibiting GMOs in pet food production, pet owners can trust that their furry friends are enjoying safe and wholesome products. BetterBone's sustainable practices and third-party certifications further reinforce their dedication to quality and the well-being of pets. By choosing BetterBone, pet owners prioritize their pets' health while supporting eco-friendly choices in the pet industry.
  • 2 min read
Discover the world of BetterBone, the leading provider of natural and sustainable dog chews. This blog explores their use of food-grade ingredients, including the versatile cellulose found in human foods, and renewable vegetable oil. Learn about the benefits of these ingredients and how they make BetterBone a safe and eco-friendly choice for your furry friend. Dive into their commitment to measuring CO2 emissions through third-party assessments, showcasing their dedication to sustainability. Join the movement towards a greener future and provide your pet with a satisfying and planet-friendly chewing experience with BetterBone.
  • 4 min read

Should you give your dog a rawhide alternative? If you’re on the fence about getting a rawhide alternative for your dogs, here are 5 signs that it’s time to make the switch.

  • 3 min read