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4 Best Dog Collars for Pups of All Sizes

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Dog collars are a part of a pup's everyday life, but they can be difficult to shop for. What size do you need? What shape is the best? Which material should you go with? Not only that but there are so many different features and benefits that it can be overwhelming when you start shopping. 


In this guide, we have broken down what makes the best collars for each size and shape, along with the pros & cons of some of the most popular options.

The Most Popular Collars for Dogs in the Market 2022



1. Leather Collars

The most popular collar for dogs is made of leather. It’s a durable material that can withstand the daily wear and tear that your dog will put on it.  They also provide a sense of style and sophistication to your pet.

The downside of leather dog collars is that they can be expensive and difficult to clean. A few owners also find that the collar can cause irritation in their pet’s skin or cause them to lick the collar too much, which can lead to a bad case of mange.

Some people believe that leather dog collars should not be used on dogs because they could choke on them, but this is not true as long as you use the right size collar and make sure it fits properly around your pet’s neck


2. Cotton Collars 

Cotton is another popular material used in collars for dogs because it is soft, comfortable, and breathable. It has a natural antibacterial property which makes it ideal for the health of your pet's skin. Cotton is also easy to clean since it doesn't get stained easily as other materials do. The only downside to cotton collars is that they can absorb moisture which can cause mildew


3. Nylon Collars 

Nylon is another material used in making collars for dogs because it's lightweight and comfortable to wear. Nylon doesn't absorb water or sweat so you don't have to worry about getting wet while wearing it. It also gives your dog's neck a certain level of warmth. Although, nylon is not water-resistant so it can't be used in high-traffic areas like the beach or a park where dogs might play in the water and get wet.


4. Fairtrade Recycled Collars

The pros of a Fairtrade recycled dog collar are that they are eco-friendly, humane, and ethical. They are also made from upcycled materials and can be customized to better suit your pet’s needs. 

Fairtrade recycled dog collars have the added benefit of being affordable and durable, you can be sure that they can be used for a long time. You can find a wide range of styles and colors at any price point. 

Many pet owners find that these collars help their pets feel more comfortable and confident as they move around in public spaces. An example of the perfect fairtrade recycled dog collar is BetterBone.Click here to find out more. 

Best Dog Collars for Small Breeds of Dogs

Small dogs generally have short necks that are not strong enough to withstand the pressure from a traditional collar. These types of collars are also less likely to cause harm to your dog’s neck.


Types of collars for small breeds of dogs


  • Collar with a buckle:the most popular among small dogs are the collars with buckles and for good reasons. It’s easy to put on and take off and it also provides excellent visibility and protection while walking your dog in the dark.
  • Collar with a clasp:this type is also easy to put on and take off, but it provides more control over your pet's head when you need to control its movements. This type can be used in conjunction with a harness as well as other types of collars.
  • Collar with a snap button:if you want a collar that offers great visibility and protection while walking your dog in the dark, collars with a snap button are a good option. Although, it can be difficult to put on and take off when compared to the buckle collar. This collar also provides more control over your pet's head than the clasp collar when needed. 
  • Collars made from 100% recycled materials: While most of the collars for small dogs are made from leather, it has been proven that these collars are not biodegradable. This is a problem because when these collars get wet or dirty, they can release toxic chemicals that can cause harm to your dog.

The100% recycled materials of this collar will allow it to decompose naturally and not be harmful to your dog. The collar also has an adjustable design so you can make sure it fits your dog perfectly.


Best Dog Collars for Medium Breeds of Dogs

Medium-sized dogs are not as big as a Doberman or a Great Dane, but they are still large enough to be difficult for smaller dogs to handle. They can be aggressive and lively, so it is important for their owners to invest in the right dog collar.


Types of collars for medium breeds of dogs


  • Halter Collar:A halter is made from leather or nylon webbing that is fitted with a metal ring at one end and a loop at the other end. The loop goes over the dog's head to hold it in place while walking or running, but can also be used for training purposes such as teaching your dog to stay by your side when you walk or run. 
  • Harness: Harnesses are typically made from nylon webbing or mesh material with metal rings at both ends that fit around your pet's chest and back at either side of their body. Harnesses are a great option if you have a larger dog who has a tendency to pull on leads.


Best Dog Collars for Large Breeds of Dogs

The best dog collar for large breeds of dogs is a type of harness that attaches to a leash. It is made for larger dogs who pull on the leash with more force than smaller dogs do. It also helps to prevent choking by sliding over your dog's windpipe before it's too late.


Types of collars for large breeds of dogs


  • Chest harness: this type has an attachment point for the leash and a hole to put your dog's head through. It keeps your dog from choking, it also allows them to move their head or ears freely which makes it very comfortable for them. Just make sure you don’t put it on too tight. 
  • Head halter:a head halter attaches to the front of your dog’s neck with two nylon straps or a head harness with a buckle and is a good option for larger dogs.

Haven’t found the collar for your dog? 

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