BetterBone FAQ

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At what point in wear process should I replace my the BetterBone?

We recommend that your pup get a new BetterBone once the ends are 50% warn. A good indication is to look at the dental ridges and/or nubs to see if they are thoroughly worn. Another great way is to look at the knuckle of the three ends. If you can no longer see the contours, we suggest swapping out for a new BetterBone. Once all larger “ends” of the bone have been chewed off please throw the bone out for your dogs safety and replace.

Click here to see when you should replace your BetterBone!

Where is the BetterBone Manufactured?

We sustainably source our material and manufacture the BetterBone in Croatia, Europe. Being manufactured in Croatia requires us to adhere to all REACH and EU standards, meaning you will never find any harmful chemicals, colors, dyes, or flavors, including mutagenic, & carcinogenic compounds. These innovations allow us to produce a new industry standard in terms of health and safety for your dog.

My bone is Flaking? Messy Cleanup?

Flaking is entirely normal, and how the BetterBone is designed. We have developed the ORIGINAL BetterBone to be safe on and protect teeth by making it softer than industry standard materials. We reduce the chance of cracked teeth compared to nylon, rubber, and other highly processed products.

A small mess is better than a broken tooth, is our thinking.

We will have a SUPERCHEWER version available that is much denser than our ORIGINAL bones. Please ensure your pup's teeth are healthy before giving them a SUPERCHEWER.

Is the BetterBone safe on teeth?

Our innovative and proprietary material allows us to create a durable yet tooth-friendly bone. Our ORIGINAL chew bone is for mild to moderate chewers and is 20% softer than traditional nylon bones. Under normal circumstances, this allows our bones to be non-splintering, allowing your dog to sink their teeth into the bone. This perfect density reduces the risk of injury to your best friend’s teeth and allows the unique nubs and ridges to properly clean above the gum line along with the entire tooth! Ensure your pup has healthy teeth before gifting them a BetterBone. We ask that you use your best judgment when determining the health of your dog's teeth.

We are introducing a denser version of the BetterBone that matches the density of standard nylon bones while retaining the sustainability, hypoallergenic, trident shape, and dental health-promoting qualities.

Is it ok for my dog to ingest pieces of the BetterBone?

The BetterBone IS NOT meant to be eaten or be a meal substitute. During regular chewing, there is the possibility that they will ingest the shavings. BetterBone is designed with an optimal density to flake off as your dog enjoys playtime. You will notice some tiny pieces left behind in the area they were playing, and sometimes those pieces are ingested. In small quantities, those should pass without any issue with its all-natural composition, but this is not a meal substitute product. Please monitor your dog while playing with their new betterbone. If your dog is ingesting too many shavings remove the BetterBone from their possession or reduce the time you allow the dog to chew on the BetterBone each day. We recommend moving to the super chewer version of our bones if your dog is ingesting too many.

How is the BetterBone hypoallergenic?

Made from two easy-to-understand ingredients, our bones are elegant in their simplicity. Our material has passed the REACH EU standards ( as we manufacture in Croatia. These strict standards ensure no phthalates, BPA, PVC, nylon, parabens, or substances of very high concern are in any of our products.

We manufacture with strictly the trunk of fir or pine trees. Using no bark, needles, cones, or leaves, which are the causes of allergies to trees. The wood pulp/flour we use is sourced directly from the food industry for the safest possible ingredient for your dog.

We use no dairy, nuts (any nut), meats, wheat, gluten, or fish to manufacture our original bones and SUPERCHEWER-type dog bones.

Our FLAVOR-INFUSED bones may contain soy, wheat, meat, gluten, or nuts. Please order accordingly.


Is the BetterBone a meal replacement?

No. The BetterBone is not meant as a meal replacement in any regard.

How does this keep my pups teeth clean?

The Original Better Bone is the perfect density to protect and clean your dog's teeth. Better Bone Original, innovative material allows your dog to satiate their need to chew while the teeth-cleaning nubs and ridges clean above the gum line and prevent the build-up of tartar. Helping to stop bad breath and tooth decay in its tracks.

The new Super Chewer version will be much denser for the biggest and most aggressive chewers. Look for its release soon.

What makes the BetterBone dog bone sustainable?

Better Bone is made from PEFC sustainably forested wood pulp/flour sourced directly from the food industry and certified renewable sugarcane oil, along with a lot of love. A 3rd party life cycle analysis (LCA) discovered that BetterBone creates far less CO2 and consumes fewer fossil fuels than virgin plastic petroleum-based products. We also use no-nonrenewable material sources in the manufacturing of our dog chews.

Is it bad if my dog's gums bleed?

Bleeding gums, just like in humans, is a sign of inflammation. Light bleeding is expected in most cases, especially when the dental ends are chewed and plaque is broken up off your dog’s teeth. BetterBones are not a substitution for tooth brushing. If significant bleeding is observed, this is an indicator that your dog may need more intensive veterinary care.

What if my dog chews through the BetterBone dog bone to quick?

We love that your pup loves the BetterBone! We also know that every dog is different. Some dogs will chew through their Original BetterBone faster than others, so knowing exactly how long a bone will last is tough to estimate. We recommend that you monitor your dog at all times and ensure that your dog has chewing “sessions” that last a reasonable amount of time, 10 to 30 minutes. The bone is meant to be softer than traditional nylon products to be safer on teeth and reduce damage to your pup's mouth.

We are releasing a new Super Chewer Version that will last up to 5 times longer than our Original bone. Your dog should have strong and healthy teeth before chewing on the Super Chewer bones.  

Trip Hazard Beware

When not in use, please make sure to keep your Better Bone in an out-of-the-way place to prevent any potential tripping or fall hazards. This is a hard material product and has the potential to cause injury if stepped on. Remain vigilant in an attempt to prevent any unnecessary spills or falls.

Better Leash & Better Collar FAQ

All of your questions answered about the new Fair Trade & 100% Recycled ocean-bound plastic Better Leash & Collar

What is the Better Leash & Better Collar made from?

Answer. Our collars and leashes are made from fair trade, recycled ocean-bound plastic, meaning your new leash and collar are helping to prevent discarded PET bottles from polluting our oceans. Also, these accessories for your four-legged best friend are helping informal waste workers in India build a livelihood. They come from some of the most marginalized sections of society and play an essential role in retrieving recycled plastic waste to make your doggo's leash.

Who is our partner - Plastics For Change?

Plastics For Change enables industry partners to transition towards a circular economy while measuring progress toward Sustainable Development Goals. The company works towards breaking the cycle of poverty for millions worldwide that are at the base of informal recycling supply chains while preventing ocean-bound plastics from contaminating the environment.
It partners with global brands and manufacturers to catalyze positive change in coastal communities through its franchise model for plastic collection that creates responsible and sustainable supply chains which empower informal waste collectors to become entrepreneurs.

How much plastic do we remove from the ocean to make a leash or collar?

Each leash from Better Leash contains 85 water bottles worth of recycled ocean-bound plastic.

Each collar removes 34 bottles worth of recycled ocean-bound plastic water bottles.

One set of leashes and collars removes 119 water bottles worth of waste from our oceans.

Does the Better Leash have a warranty?

The Better Leash has a two-year manufactures defect warranty. We guarantee our leashes and collars are free from manufacturing defects for up to 2 years.