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Sustainable Pet Products Better Bone Dog Chew Bone

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Sustainable Pet Products | Better Bone

Sustainability isn't just for humans! Get your best friend in on the action of reducing our carbon footprint. BetterBone has taken 15 years of research and development to create the innovative new material and dog bones, that have a measurable impact on the emissions and chemicals we know harm ecosystems and cause global warming. With the advent of our sustainable, non-toxic, and completely safe Cellulose fiber and plant-based oil material that the BetterBone is constructed of, we greatly reduce the carbon footprint and emissions of a product that as an industry sells millions of bones per year.

Our bones are 100% natural and sustainable using just 2 ingredients. Cellulose fiber and renewable vegetable oil to hold it all together giving your dog a safe, durable, and teeth-cleaning bone that's better for the environment... Given that our bone is free from petro-based plastics, artificial flavoring, artificial colors, and other harmful materials you can count on our bone to be safe.

Better Bone is:

  • 100% Natural
  • 2 Ingredients (All sustainably forested cellulose and renewable vegetable oil)
  • 100% Sustainable.
  • 100% Recycled Packaging
  • Absolutely no artificial flavoring, colors, and dyes.
  • Reduces C02 Emissions by 85% and Fossil Fuel Consumption by 74%, and create zero new virgin plastic.

Find Better Bone in our Store here.

Based on the innovative cellulose based material we have crunched the numbers and done the studies with the third party NOVA institute life cycle analysis (LCA) to ensure that the materials we claim to be sustainable, and better for the environment indeed are. Compound this with that fact that we manufacture in Croatia and have to adhere to REACH EU standards which means a completely non-toxic bone for your pup. You will never find phthalates, parabens, pvc, nylon, or artificial chemicals, dyes, colors, or flavors in our bones.

Better Bone is only the first in a line of many sustainable, and recycled products we intend to release for the pets of the world and the environment itself.

We are providing a better option for your pet and the planet.