About Us

BetterBone. Better for your dog, better for the planet. 

Created to give our dogs something better to chew on and better for our planet. Made from all-natural food-grade and sustainable ingredients; we have developed an innovative, industry-changing material that is sure to keep your pup happy, and healthy. Our proprietary material allows us to control the density of our bones, helping us create the original BetterBone to be satiating and safe on teeth, along with our SUPERCHEWER bone for the most aggressive chewer you know!

Founded on 25 years of sustainable manufacturing experience, we created BetterBone to be safe, safe on teeth, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, planet-friendly, delicious, and dog-approved. Our proprietary in-house created material was created with your dog in mind and has been 3rd party verified to make the sustainable, eco-friendly changes that the world and industry are moving towards. We take sustainability seriously.

Manufacturing and inspired in Europe, our bones are made in Croatia. This means we adhere to the strictest REACH EU standards for chemicals and ingredients in every BetterBone. You will never find artificial chemicals, colors, dyes, or flavors, including parabens, phthalates, BPA, nylon, PVC, SVHC (substances of very high concern), carcinogens, or mutagens. Keeping your dog, family, and the planet a little bit healthier.

BetterBone is creating better options for discerning customers to make healthier decisions for their dogs, family, and the planet. We envision a world where sustainable materials, equitable supply chains, and excellent quality are standard for the pet industry. The BetterBone is just the start of that vision.


A Deep Dive into our materials, supply chains, and products.

Our principles ensure that we maintain the highest standard for our products and the entire supply chain we use to create our beautiful products. Fairtrade labor, sustainable and recycled manufacturing, paired with innovative and safe design. You can trust and feel good about the products from Blue Standard Inc. & BetterBone, knowing there is no better option for the safety and enjoyment of your dog.

We conduct studies and collect data through third-party life cycle analyses from the revered Nova Institute to ensure we are creating the change needed to ensure a healthier and cleaner future for our dogs, families, and planet. Our material supply and manufacturing partners are held to United Nations SDG and EU Reach standards to ensure safety, equity, and quality. All while reducing overall carbon emissions, c02 emissions, wastewater, and consumption of non-renewables. With constant innovation, we intend to create a new standard in sustainability and equitable supply chains. The Blue Standard.


Sustainability is at the core of how BetterBone does business. Success includes embracing our responsibility to our community and Mother Earth – conducting business in a way that maximizes the good we do in the world while holding ourselves to a higher standard that will have less impact on Earth. Through 25 years of sustainable manufacturing experience, we have developed proprietary technology that has led to safer, more vibrant pet products.




Materials We Use

Certified PEFC & FSC Wood Fiber or sustainably / renewably sourced.
Renewable Plant Based Oils
Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic
Recycled Fishing Nets & Maritime Gear
Recycled Textile Waste


We care about quality & safety.

All of our goods were created from the finest sustainable all natural, or recycled materials with exceptional attention to safety, detail, and your dogs enjoyment. Using our proprietarty all natural material to create the new standard in dog bones, and creating the only 100% fair trade recycled ocean bound plastic leashes and collars, we are pushing the pet industry in a better direction for our environment, oceans, and people of all communities.


Measurable Change.

Our innovative and proprietary material is changing the pet industry for the better. The only way to know that is to measure our reductions in c02 emissions, overall carbon footprint, and consumption of nonrenewable resources. Evaluating our entire process cradle to gate ensures we are making the necessary improvements with our materials for healthier dogs, and a healthier planet. This has led to Blue Standard Inc & The BetterBone being an Accredited Pet Sustainability Coalition Company.

SDG & Equity

Focused on the big picture.

Everything we do at Better Bone & Blue Standard is done in the spirit of finding a better more sustainable way of doing things. We operate with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in mind everyday to push sustainability and ciruclar supply chains into the main stream while creating no new plastics, keeping plastics out of our oceans & landfills, and creating opporunities for the most marginalized communities on the planet.

Our Partners