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Our Story

Our Mission: Better for your dog. Better for the planet.

BetterBone was founded with a clear purpose: to offer dogs a better, healthier, more eco-friendly chewing experience. We have developed an innovative, industry-changing material and chew bone that prioritizes your pup's well-being while being kind to the environment. Our commitment to using all-natural, food-grade, and sustainable ingredients sets us apart.

BetterBone: Safer, Healthier, and Planet-Friendly

Drawing on 25 years of sustainable manufacturing expertise, we have created BetterBone to be the epitome of safety, dental health, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and planet-friendly dog chews. Our proprietary material allows us to precisely control the density of our bones, resulting in the satiating and teeth-friendly BetterBone Classic. For the most aggressive chewers out there, we offer the BetterBone TOUGH, designed to withstand the most powerful and aggressive chewers.

European Manufacturing Excellence and Stringent Standards

Manufactured and inspired in Europe, we adhere to the strictest REACH EU standards for chemicals and ingredients in every BetterBone. Our commitment to excellence means you will never find artificial chemicals, colors, dyes, or flavors in our products. We exclude harmful substances such as parabens, phthalates, BPA, nylon, PVC, SVHC, carcinogens, and mutagens. BetterBone keeps your dog, family, and the planet healthier.

Better Options for a Sustainable Future

At BetterBone, we aim to empower discerning customers like you to make healthier choices for your dogs, families, and the planet. Our vision is a world where sustainable materials, fair supply chains, and exceptional quality are the industry standard. The BetterBone represents just the beginning of this transformative journey.

Our Materials & Manufacturing

At BetterBone, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards for our products and the entire supply chain. We prioritize fair treatment and wages for our workers, sustainable and recycled manufacturing practices, and innovative, safe designs. When you choose BetterBone, you can trust that you're making a responsible choice for your dog's health, safety, and enjoyment.

Data-Driven Approach to a Healthier Future

To ensure a healthier and cleaner future for dogs, families, and the planet, we conduct studies and collect data through third-party life cycle analyses, such as those performed by the esteemed Nova Institute. This allows us to drive the necessary changes for improvement. Our material supply and manufacturing partners adhere to the safety, equity, and quality standards set by the United Nations SDGs and EU Reach. Additionally, we strive to reduce carbon emissions, CO2 emissions, wastewater, and the consumption of non-renewable resources. Through constant innovation, we aim to establish a new sustainability standard and promote equitable supply chains - the BetterBone Standard.

Sustainability as the Foundation of BetterBone

Sustainability is at the core of how we conduct our business at BetterBone. We recognize our responsibility to our community and the planet and strive to maximize our positive impact. We are committed to developing materials and products that contribute to safer and more vibrant pet products. By upholding higher standards, we aim to create a brighter future for all.


When it comes to sustainability, BetterBone sets a new standard in the dog chew industry. Our production process results in an impressive 85% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to commercially available plastic bones made from nylon or other plastics. Not only that, but we take pride in using zero non-renewable resources throughout the manufacturing of our dog bones.

(Source: LCA FASAL, NOVA INSTITUTE, 2021 - Complete report available upon request)

100% FSC Mix Packaging: Sustainable and Plastic-Free

At BetterBone, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint at every stage. Our packaging is made from 100% FSC Mix materials, ensuring responsible sourcing. We utilize non-toxic ink and locally sourced materials, completely avoiding the use of plastics or adhesives. By prioritizing sustainable packaging practices, we further contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

Unmatched Sustainability: From Production to Packaging

From the production process to the packaging materials we use, BetterBone proudly stands as the most sustainable dog chew company in the world. We are dedicated to continually improving our practices and offering environmentally friendly alternatives without compromising the quality and safety of our products. Choose BetterBone for a truly sustainable and guilt-free dog chewing experience.


BetterBone is made with Certified PEFC Wood Flour & Renewable Sugarcane/Vegetable Oil

Our leashes and collars are made with recycled Fair-Trade Ocean-Bound Plastic


The remaining Co² produced in the production of our bone is offset through the planting of trees through our partners at Tree-Nation. Click below to see how many tree and C02 offsets we have produced through the sale and production of our bones, leashes, and collars since February 09, 2023.


The wood flour sourced for our bones comes exclusively from PEFC certified forested trees.


Blue Standard Inc & The BetterBone are proud 1% For The Planet members. Allowing us to fulfill our principles of giving back to our community and to conservation efforts around the world by filling in the gaps that the sales of our bones cannot. 


All of our goods were created from the finest sustainable all natural, or recycled materials with exceptional attention to safety, detail, and your dogs enjoyment. Using our proprietary all natural material to create the new standard in dog bones, and creating the only 100% fair trade recycled ocean bound plastic leashes and collars, we are pushing the pet industry in a better direction for our environment, oceans, and people of all communities.


Our innovative and proprietary material is changing the pet industry for the better. The only way to know that is to measure our reductions in c02 emissions, overall carbon footprint, and consumption of nonrenewable resources. Using 100% recycled packaging, and non-toxic ink to further reduce our impact. Evaluating our entire process cradle to gate ensures we are making the necessary improvements with our materials for healthier dogs, and a healthier planet. This has led to BetterBone being a leader in the sustainability within the pet industry.


Everything we do at Better Bone & Blue Standard is done in the spirit of finding a better more sustainable way of doing things. We operate with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in mind everyday to push sustainability and ciruclar supply chains into the main stream while creating no new plastics, keeping plastics out of our oceans & landfills, and creating opporunities for the most marginalized communities on the planet.