Better Leash Warranty

Blue Standard Inc & The BetterBone / BetterLeash Limited 3 Year Warranty.

This warranty applies to the BetterLeash. Leash & Collars only

Blue Standard Inc & The BetterBone / BetterLeash warrants, for as long as the original purchasing Customer owns the product up to 3 years, that at the time the product is purchased it is free from defects in materials or manufacturing and conforms to Blue Standard Inc.'s specifications for the product, provided that such product is used & maintained in accordance with Blue Standard Inc. basic owner and is not subjected to any Excluded Activity (the “Limited 3 Year Warranty”).

What is not covered under our limited 3 year warranty.

  • All Damage from dogs chewing on the the leash or collar.
  • All Damage occurring from external sources.
  • All Damage occurring from chemicals or exposure to solvents.
  • All Damage from misuse of the products.

For any and all warranty questions or claims please reach out to us @