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Environmental Sustainability

Blue Standard Inc. Commitment to Practice Environmental Sustainability
Updated:  6th December 2021


Blue Standard Inc.’s mission and vision are built on the foundation of principles that include a commitment to be stewards of the limited natural resources we have, and reusing what we have already produced to create a circular economy that is scalable. We continuously and will continue to look for new ways to build upon our commitment to environmental responsibility.

We recognize that the community's health is integral to the total health of the environment and strive to ensure that our daily operations and practices adhere to environmentally sound principles and values. By creating better ways of manufacturing and using innovative and recycled materials and reducing our overall carbon footprint we aim to mitigate the impact of climate change through efforts in the following areas:

Through innovation, we continually reduce our waste and the consumption of non-renewable and virgin plastic materials or products. We manufacture with absolutely no virgin materials and aim to create a scalable model for others to follow. We work to continually reduce the volume of waste, recycling, reusing, and promoting circular economies in our day-to-day practices and operations. We manufacture with recycled textiles, recycled ocean plastics, recycled fishing nets, and sustainable forested PEFC, and FSC wood waste fiber, turning post-consumer waste into raw materials for tomorrow's consumer products.

All sustainability initiatives undertaken by Blue Standard are backed fully by our senior leadership down to every level of our organization. We will continue to invest resources to support the objectives outlined in the strategic plan and take appropriate action steps to maintain our position as a local, regional, national, and international leader in sustainable practices and manufacturing.

We will remain committed to adhering to the strict REACH EU standards set forth by the European Union to ensure that there are no PVC, BPA, Phthalates, or Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) in any of our all-natural products and reduce our wastewater, c02, and carbon footprint to as small as current technology and practices will allow.


Supply Chain:
We will continue to work with our suppliers to ensure equitable, and fair-trade supply chains are maintained all while maintaining the high-quality nature of our products.

We remain committed to using only recycled, circular, or sustainable materials in all of our products and maintain over 95% recycled or all-natural sustainable material in our products further reducing our impact.

Leaner Energy:
We will continue to identify opportunities for energy conservation in all aspects of operations to build on the successful track record of energy conservation. It is our goal to reduce overall energy use intensity through new project development, new manufacturing practices, and operational improvement. We will engage in exploration of alternative energy sources wherever feasible.

Water and other Natural Resources
We recognize that there is a finite quantity of natural resources such as clean air, land, and water. We will conserve, recycle, and reuse those resources where appropriate. We will make efforts to achieve an ongoing performance record of emissions reductions. This includes air, water, c02, fossil fuels, virgin plastics, and other non-renewable resources which would have an adverse effect on the environment.

We are committed to mitigating the impact of climate change. We have committed to a third-party life-cycle-analysis of our materials to ensure measurable improvements in our manufacturing processes of products cradle to gate to ensure that we are making the improvements in c02 emissions, wastewater, and consumption of non-renewable resources necessary to combat climate change.  We will continue investments in energy efficiency and, where feasible, explore opportunities for renewable energy sources.


Blue Standard Inc. makes this commitment as part of our ongoing mission to improve the environmental impact and overall health of the communities we conduct business in and serve. We understand thatbypracticing environmental sustainability we can reduce our impact and improve people’s lives.