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Choosing the Perfect Long-Lasting Dog Chews for Your Dog

  • 3 min read

Dogs love to chew, which is vital for their mental and physical health. Chewing helps keep their teeth and gums healthy, relieves boredom, and keeps them from chewing on things they shouldn't

As a dog owner, you want to ensure your pup gets the best when it comes to long-lasting chews. That's why picking the perfect chew is so essential. But what should you look for in a dog chew? In this blog post, we'll discuss the essence of buying long-lasting dog chews and what to consider when picking the perfect one for your dog. 

Why are long-lasting dog chews essential?

Long-lasting dog chews are essential because they give dogs an outlet for their instinct to chew. Chewing is something that all dogs do, no matter the breed or size. It helps them to focus and can even prevent destructive behaviors like chewing up furniture or shoes. Plus, they provide plenty of entertainment. 

What to consider when picking the perfect long-lasting dog chew

Have you ever been in a pet store, looking for a long-lasting dog chew, and just gotten overwhelmed by the sheer number of options? Picking the perfect chew can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be!

Here are some tips on what to consider before buying. 

Safety first

Safety is an essential factor to consider when picking a dog chew. Some chews contain chemicals or toxic materials that can harm your dog if swallowed. Stick with natural, organic chews made from edible ingredients likeBetterBone Tough, as it is non-toxic, 100% eco-friendly, and all-natural. 

In addition, avoid any bones that are sharp or brittle, as these could splinter inside your pup's mouth and cause serious injury. 


Natural ingredients are always best when selecting the right chew. Read labels carefully and avoid artificial colors or flavors, as those could cause tummy troubles or allergies in some dogs. Consider no nylon, nuts, dairy, parabens, BPA, phthalates, or substances of very high concern (SVHC) thatBetterBone Tough considers safe for the pickiest dogs with nearly all dietary restrictions. 

Length of time 

When deciding on a chew for your pup, you should also consider how long it will last them. Some chews are designed to be enjoyed in just a few minutes, while others can take hours—or even days!—to finish off completely.

Pick a dog chew designed to last as long as the densest with nylon products while still being 100% natural, sustainable, and safer on teeth. Suppose you have an aggressive chewer who will tear through any toy or chew quickly, opt for something durable likeBetterBone Tough, the Deer Bone, or the Yak Milk Bone that can stand up against tough jaws

Size and flavor matter

The chew size is also significant when selecting the right one for your pup. If you give your pet something too small, it could choke on it. But if you get something too large, it may not be able to fit into your dog's mouth! 

Stick with something appropriate for their size and breed—and don't forget about age. Puppies often require smaller chews than adult dogs since their jaws are developing and growing stronger.

BetterBone's Tough varies in two sizes; they have small and large ones that you can choose whatever you ought.They also have a beef chew flavor dehydrated in all-natural dry dog food infused into the bone for equal distribution throughout the bone (bones are 1 to 2% dog food by weight- Contains Beef, Soy, & Wheat)

What makes BetterBone unique

At BetterBone, we prioritize natural ingredients because we provide safe and healthy alternatives for our customers' pets. Our products are free from artificial additives and preservatives, so you won't have to worry about what your dog consumes when munching on BetterBone dog chews.

We also use sustainable practices whenever possible, so you can rest assured knowing that each purchase contributes positively to the environment. Moreover, our chews come in various flavors and textures to suit almost any dog's palate.

We ensure to test all of our products to ensure their safety before they hit the shelves. 

Are you still deciding?

The right dog chew can make all the difference in keeping your pup happy and contented.

With so many different types of long-lasting dog chews available today, it can be hard to know where to start when looking for one for your dog. Make sure you keep safety in mind first—always opt for natural ingredients with no added chemicals—then select something based on its duration and size relative to your dog's size and age range.

Following these recommendations, you'll find the perfect chew to keep your furbabies happily occupied!

Stock up on BetterBone's delicious, long-lasting dog chews and bones today, and treat your dog the best! Trust us, and your dog will thank you!