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5 best dog dental chews

5 Best Dog Dental Chews 2022 to Keep Your Fidos Healthy

Keeping your dogs’ teeth strong is just as vital. Luckily, there’s a way we can ensure that: by buying the best dog dental chews. Find out more here.

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5 vet-recommended dog chews and 2 that are bad

5 Vet-Recommended Dog Chews [and 2 That Are Bad]

It’s no secret that dogs love to chew. Which is why it’s crucial that what you’re giving them are vet-recommended dog chews. If you’re wondering what is the safest thing for a dog to chew on, we’ve listed down some of your best choices.

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how to choose safe chews for your dogs betterbone

How to Choose Safe Chews for Your Dogs

Pet parents are always on the lookout for safe chews for dogs. But what exactly makes a dog chew safe? Find out here!

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3 safe dog bones benefits that will make you want to switch to betterbone

3 Safe Dog Bones Benefits That Will Make You Want to Switch to BetterBone

Are you giving your pups safe dog bones? What better way to ensure your dogs’ well-being than to switch to a safe dog bone like BetterBone? Click here to learn more.

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exclusive scoop: betterbone gets pefc certification

Exclusive Scoop: BetterBone Gets PEFC Certification!

We're proud to share that BetterBone is now one of the companies around the globe to have received a PEFC certification check. Celebrate with us and know more about it here in this blog.

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