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3 Safe Dog Bones Benefits That Will Make You Want to Switch to BetterBone

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Are you giving your pups safe dog bones?

Probably one of your biggest concerns when giving your Fidos a dog bone is how it will affect their health.

Which we totally understand. After all, a good dog bone is one that doesn’t contain any ingredients harmful to your precious furbaby.

To this end, you have to make sure that you’re only buying dog bones that are safe for your pup.

These bones should also not give you any problems no matter how much and how often your canines chew on them.

And for that…what better way to ensure your dogs’ well-being than to switch to a safe dog bone like BetterBone?

In this article, we listed down all the safe dog bones benefits that make BetterBone the better choice for your adorable companions.

Let’s get down to it.


Benefit #1 of BetterBone as a safe dog bone: Its all-natural and hypoallergenic composition ensures your dogs are free from chemical elements.

Many of the dog chews you see in the market today have gone through a lot of chemical processes that can be harmful to your precious one’s health.

This is especially eye-opening for those who didn’t yet know that this includesrawhide being bad for dogs.

In fact, deteriorating teeth and gums are the least of your worries when it comes to rawhide dog bones.

Since they contain harmful chemicals, they could even be fatal and lead to allergic reactions in your pups.

For this reason, we made BetterBone anon-rawhide bone.

What this means is that we only used natural and hypoallergenic products in every step of our manufacturing process.

This way, you can rest assured that no matter how much BetterBone your dog consumes, no harm will befall them since it’s a safe dog bone for chewing.


Benefit #2 of BetterBone as a safe dog bone: It is eco-friendly, so you can reduce your environmental impact.

dog bones safe dog puppies

Full disclosure: BetterBone is made from Cellulose fiber and vegetable oil.

Since these are all-natural ingredients, you can set your mind at ease that not one bit of it brings harm to the environment.

Every step of our production process also consumes far less carbon dioxide and fossil fuels than most dog bones you see on the market.

This is in line with our commitment to environmental sustainability and our status as one of the companies worldwide who have received a Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

WithPEFC-certified BetterBone,you can trust that we’re playing our part in creating a happier, healthier, and cleaner future for our pets, families, and Mother Earth.


Benefit #3 of BetterBone as a safe dog bone: It’s easier to consume because it’s softer than standard nylon dog bones.

One of the things we love about BetterBone is that it’s around 20% softer than the standard nylon bones you see today.

How does this help as a safe dog bone for chewing?

Simple: it’s more digestible. Therefore, it’s much easier for your pup to consume.

Because of this, you can be at ease that your furbaby won’t have any issues swallowing dog bone chunks.

Still, you need to make sure that your dog is not swallowing chunks that are too large for him.

No matter how softer BetterBone can be than other dog chew brands, swallowing a chunk that’s bigger than what they can handle is always dangerous for your furbaby, especially if they’re left alone.


What about rawhide? Are they dog bones that are safe for puppies?

are rawhide bones safe dog bones for puppies

There’s a reason why we always suggest that dog parents make the switch to arawhide alternative.

It’s because traditional rawhide is bad for dogs all in all. Therefore, buyingrawhide bones for puppies can make them sick as well.

Considering that small dogs are still in their developing stage, they are at a higher risk of choking and digestive irritation, which are two common issues among pet parents.


Is it worth it to buy BetterBone for your furbabies?

With all the benefits you and your dog can get from safe dog bones, it’s safe to say that BetterBone is more than worth it.

With BetterBone, you no longer need to ask what dog bones are safe. After all, BetterBone is not only all-natural but also eco-friendly and more digestible.

For this reason, we suggest that you consider switching over to BetterBone if you want a safe dog bone for chewing by your furbaby.

You’re also taking part in sustaining the environment for your pets to live their lives to the fullest, so what are you waiting for?

Shop for BetterBone today!