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How to Choose Safe Chews for Your Dogs

  • 4 min read

Want to make sure your Fido lives a happy and long life with you? Buy only safe chews for dogs!

It’s always a delight to watch your dog chew on something as if it’s the only thing to do in the world.

But here’s the thing.

Since chewing is a natural behavior for canines, it’s important that you meticulously look for safe chews for dogs.

So in this article, we will discuss how to choose safe dog chews, even for aggressive chewers.

Let’s get down to it.


What are safe dog chews?

what are safe dog chews

There are plenty of safe dog chews today. However, one dog chew that youshouldn’t get no matter what are rawhide dog bones.

If you haven’t caught wind of it yet, then let us tell you thatrawhide is bad for dogs.

Among other reasons, they are hard to digest—if not almost impossible. This makesrawhide bones for puppies worrisome.

So while we’d be the first to acknowledge that there is no one safe dog chew that’s right for every Fido, at the very least, we strongly suggest that you getnon-rawhide bones for them.


3 simple steps to choose safe chews for your dogs

1) Figure out your dog’s chewing style to know what dog chews are safe for them.

While every dog instinctively loves to chew on something, they individually have their own chewing styles.

Your Fido might be a gentle chewer who rarely destroys anything they chew on. So instead of chewing, they tend to lick more rather than chew on it.

They could also be an average chewer who plays with all kinds of toys and carries the dog chew with them everywhere.

Or, your pup might be a power chewer who consumes everything in their path with much aggression.

Whatever it is, you have to know your dog’s chewing style before buying safe dog chews.

This will help ensure that you’re only giving your precious pup something they would truly enjoy.

2) Decide your best option for safe dog chews.

After knowing your dog’s chewing style, you can now look at the types of chews that are most likely entertaining yet safe for your pup.

For gentle chewers, fabric and soft edible chews are great dog chew options.

Fabric dog chews generally get destroyed by average chewers, but not so much with rubber. They could also go with edible chews.

As for power chewers, it would be best to get them relatively durable dog chews. Rubber chews or dog bones would serve as the best safe dog chews for aggressive chewers.

3) Get high-quality and safe dog chews.

Now that you know your dog’s chewing style and the dog chew that’s most suitable for them, it’s time to get them a quality dog chew.

In this case, quality simply means that the dog chew is worth your and your pup’s while.

But how to know if it’s worth it?

Just have a look at the factors we outlined below.


What should you be looking for in a safe dog chew?

what to look for in a safe dog chew

1) How durable and soft your safe dog chew is

Durability and softness go hand in hand. More often than not, the softer the dog chew is, the less durable it is for your pup’s excited teeth.

The general rule of thumb: if you can’t break it with your bare hands, it’s best to avoid buying it.

But, if you have a firm grip, this rule will not apply to you.

Instead, you can try the thumbnail test where you press the dog chew with your thumbnail. If it gives in, then it’s chewable enough for your pup’s teeth.

There’s also the hammer rule: if you can’t drive a nail through the dog chew, you shouldn’t get it for your unknowing Fido.

Lastly, there’s the kneecap rule where you hit the dog chew with your knee. If it hurts, then it might be too hard or too heavy for your furbaby.

2) The size and shape of your dog chew

Another thing you have to make sure of is that the size of the dog chew is appropriate for the size of your precious pooch.

If the dog chew is too small, your poor Fido might choke on it more easily. On the other hand, if it’s too big, they can’t enjoy it since it’ll be too hard to chew.

Aside from that, be mindful of the shape of your dog chews since your furbaby’s tongue or muzzle might get stuck in it. That would be a big inconvenience for your poor pup.

3) The ingredients used in your dog’s chew brand

In addition, you also have to look closely at your dog chew ingredients.

This is especially true if you’re curious about what dog chews are safe for puppies.

Some brands cannot be considered dog chews that are safe for puppies because they don’t have the benefits you can get fromsafe dog bones. Basically, they consist of ingredients that aren’t beneficial to your furbaby’s health.

There are also some dog chews for aggressive chewers that can cause allergic reactions and are life-threatening.

4) How your safe dog chews were manufactured

Apart from what we already mentioned, the manufacturing process of a dog chew brand is an essential factor you need to consider.

There are a lot of products nowadays that claim to be safe dog chews but, in reality, are far from being safe for your furbaby.

In fact, there have already been many cases of sick dogs found to have consumed something harmful from what they were previously chewing on.

There are even dog chews that pose a threat to you and your furbaby since they’re made using environmentally hazardous procedures.

Because of this, you need to make sure that what you’re buying are, indeed, safe chews for dogs.


So, what are safe dog chews for your Fido?

Given what we said above, it’s important to take a closer look into a dog chew brand before you decide that it’s safe enough for your pup to consume.

Safe dog chews will never pose any health issues to you and your Fido.

So, if you see signs that you need to jump to a safe dog chew, such as arawhide alternative, then feel free to do so right away.

BetterBone, for example, has gotten itsProgramme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). It’s your best bet if you’re looking for sustainable and safe chews for dogs.