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5 Non-Rawhide Bones That Will Change Your Dogs’ Quality of Life

  • 4 min read

Given how rawhide bones are bad for dogs, it’s safe to say that natural and sustainable non-rawhide bones are now more important than ever in keeping our fur babies safe and healthy.

So if today, you’re looking for non-rawhide bones to buy for your canines, the list below should answer any questions you may have.

But first…


What are non-rawhide bones?

what are non-rawhide bones for dogs

Rawhide-free bones for dogs are safe alternatives to dog bones made from rawhide materials.

Unlikerawhide dog bones that go through a series of chemical procedures, non-rawhide bones are more eco-friendly and natural.

They also provide more benefits than rawhide dog bones in terms of ensuring that your pups live healthier, happier, and longer lives.


What to look for in your non-rawhide bones

There are plenty of natural options for buying non-rawhide bones for your dogs.

But to make the most out of your choice, we suggest considering the following factors:


1) Quality of the materials used for the non-rawhide dog bones

what to look for in your non-rawhide dog bones

Consideringhow long rawhide takes to digest in a dog, you have to see to it that there are no rawhide dog bones in your pup’s diet. This includes making sure that the quality of the materials used is up to par.


2) Whether or not the non-rawhide dog bones are the perfect size for your pooch

Apart from the materials, you also have to make sure that the rawhide-free bones you’re buying for your dogs are neither too big nor too small for their size. Otherwise, it can lead to issues down the track.


3) Where the non-rawhide dog bones were manufactured

Another thing you need to consider about non-rawhide bones is the place of manufacture.

For example,companies that manufacture non-rawhide dog bones in the European Union are bound to stringent criteria and can’t have a slew of chemicals and other harmful substances in their products if they wish to pass quality control standards.


5 best non-rawhide bones for your dogs

Non-rawhide bones brand #1: BetterBone

betterbone best non-rawhide dog bone

You won’t regret buying this original, sustainable, and all-natural non-rawhide dog bone from BetterBone.

We’d even go as far as saying that it’s the new standard in providing sustainable and safe chewable enjoyment for your dog.

This is because BetterBone is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, as it was made from only two sustainable ingredients: cellulose and vegetable oil.

This award-winning, trident-shaped, non-rawhide bone is even non-toxic and non-splintering. It also promotes better dental health for your dogs, with its unique ends containing dental nubs and ridges that help keep their teeth clean.

With a mission of minimizing environmental impact, the non-rawhide bone from BetterBone will definitely keep your precious pup healthy and satiated for a long time.


Non-rawhide bones brand #2:No-Hide™ Wholesome Chews

no-hide chews non-rawhide dog bone

Another no-rawhide dog bone product that guarantees a delicious and digestible treat for your precious Fido is No-Hide™ Chews.

Not only does this non-rawhide dog bone brand promote healthy teeth and gums, but it’s also long-lasting, which is good news for pooches who enjoy tasty dog chews.

You don’t have to worry about safety because it’s consciously crafted by compassionate veterinarians who care a great deal for your four-legged pups.

Your cat could even join in on the fun. Plus, there’s amulti-pack option if you’re looking for chicken-flavored non-rawhide bones.


Non-rawhide bones brand #3:Premium Pork Chomps™

premium pork chomps non-rawhide dog bone

Another great rawhide-free bones for dogs is this rawhide alternative bone chews from Premium Pork Chomps™.

It keeps your canine companions’ teeth and gums healthy by scraping any plaque off while letting them engage in their natural biting behavior.

A2012 study also showed that this chew bone is 99.9% digestible within 24 hours, so there’s practically no chance of your dogs getting an upset stomach when they consume it.

The company produced this long-lasting dog treat using state-of-the-art facilities that have earned a certification from the Global Food Safety Initiative.

This means that they’re made, packaged, and stored according to the same standards used in human food production.


Non-rawhide bones brand #4:Snack 21™ Salmon Skin Bones

snack 21 wild pacific salmon skin bones non-rawhide dog bones

Made from only Wild Pacific Salmon with no by-product fillers, these non-rawhide bones from Snack 21™  will keep your precious pup healthy and full.

The salmon skin used as the main ingredient contains omega-3 fatty acids that help in digestion, as well as proteins, natural vitamins, and minerals that are vital in keeping your animal companion healthy and strong.

It’s an all-natural product packed in display boxes containing 18 salmon skin bones per box.


Non-rawhide bones brand #5:Tibetan Dog Chew™ Himalayan Yak Cheese Dog Chew

tibetan dog chew himalayan yak cheese non-rawhide dog bone

This Himalayan Yak cheese is one of your best choices if you’re looking for an all-natural, rawhide bone alternative that doesn’t give off a harsh odor and is excellent for most types of chewers.

Produced using a special method from Nepal, the yak’s milk is made hard and thick but can still easily be digested by your pup without the risk of choking.

The assortment of yak milk, cow milk, salt, and lime juice gives this non-rawhide dog bone a high protein content vital for your Fido’s growth.


So, are non-rawhide bones good for my dogs?

Yes, non-rawhide bones are good for your dogs.

In fact, they’re much safer to consume even though they serve the same purpose as their rawhide counterparts.

They’re also easier to digest, which is why we always suggest giving no rawhide dog bones to your fur babies.