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Dental Cleaning Dog Bone & Dog tooth safety - Better Bone

  • 2 min read

How to keep your dogs teeth clean, all while being safe to chew on and preventing tooth damage?

That's where the BetterBone comes in! Our innovative material allows us to make a sustainable, all natural, ergonomic, and dental cleaning design. Our cellulose fiber and sugar cane based material gives us the ability to control the density which means we have made our density the perfect balance to be sturdy enough for big chewers yet soft enough to be safe on teeth.

When your pup starts enjoying the BetterBone (and they will :) ) you will see small flakes come off of the bone, don't panic though, as this is by design. The cellulose allows your pup to satiate the need to chew by letting them really dig into the bone with their teeth. This feature also helps to clean above the gum line and reduce tartar on the tooth itself. You may from time to time see bleeding of the gums which is caused by inflammation and the BetterBone will help to solve that inflammation by cleaning that area out.

The flaking is also a product of our bone being roughly 15 to 20% softer than nylon giving it the strength to as well as be safe for teeth of all ages. The ribs and nubs of the trident in will massage the gums and further improve teeth cleaning. 

dental cleaning ribs teeth cleaning dog bone betterbonedental cleaning nubs teeth cleaning dog bone betterboneOur dental cleaning ridges and nubs

The flakes are also safe for your dog to ingest. They will pass much like a piece of corn. You will see it when they go to the bathroom, and is chemically and physically safe for them. The  cellulose fiber that we use is found in the very yogurt and parmesan cheese that humans eat.  

Your pup will enjoy cleaner teeth all while having a delicious bone to chew on. Give the BetterBone a try!

 Bru the Bully enjoying his betterbone and massaging his gums.