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Innovative and New Flavored Dog Bones 2022

  • 4 min read

Looking for a new and innovative beef dog bone to give your pup? We listed a bunch of flavors that are sure to get their tails wagging! We also included other fun alternatives to dog bones that will keep them entertained for a long time. 

These dog bones are enhanced with broth, plant-based, and healthy ingredients like chia seeds, flaxseed, and kelp. They are also grain-free and gluten-free, making them an excellent option for pups with allergies or sensitivities. But before we get into details, let’s talk about the benefits of giving your pups recreational dog bones.


The Benefits of Buying Recreational Dog Bones


Helps clean their teeth

When a dog chews on a bone, they clean their teeth of tartar or calculus, which lessens the chance that gum disease may develop.

Tartar is a major issue. Once calculus or tartar begins to form on teeth, plague can get beyond the gum line, creating gingivitis, which opens the door for harmful germs to enter the gums and body. This can eventually result in infections throughout the body, including problems with the joints, the liver, and other organs. At all costs, tartar buildup must be prevented.  


Good source of  minerals

Recreational raw bones are an excellent source of minerals, including phosphorus and calcium, which are essential for strong teeth and bones. Phosphorus also helps the body maintain a proper pH balance, while calcium helps with muscle contraction and nerve function.

In addition, raw bones are also a good source of magnesium, potassium, and sodium. All of these minerals are essential for a dog's overall health and well-being.


Keeps them distracted

These bones can also help to reduce boredom and destructive behaviors in dogs since they have something to chew on that is specifically for them. But remember, recreational bones are not designed to be edible, make sure to supervise your dog while they are chewing on them.

5 Fun and Exciting Flavors of Dog Bones To Try

When it comes to dog bones, there are so many different flavors to choose from. Here are five fun and exciting flavors that your pup is sure to love: 


1) Plant-Based Dog Bones

Vegan and vegetarian dogs will love these plant-based dog bones. Made with ingredients like peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and quinoa, these bones are packed with nutrients and flavor. They are also free of common allergens like wheat, soy, and corn. 


2) Sweet Potato Dog Bones

Sweet potato dog bones are perfect for pups who love sweet flavors. These bones are made with real sweet potatoes, which provide your dog with essential vitamins and minerals. 


3) Bacon and Cheddar Dog Bones

Bacon and cheddar are two of the most popular flavors among dogs, so it's no surprise that bacon and cheddar dog bones are a hit! These bones are made with real bacon and cheddar cheese, making them irresistible to pups. 


4) Beef and Broth Dog Bones

Dog bones made of beef and broth are ideal for puppies who enjoy beefy flavors. These bones are made with real beef and beef broth, making them packed with flavor.


5) Chicken and Rice Dog Bones

It's unusual to find a dog bone that is made with both chicken and rice, but these chicken and rice dog bones are a delicious option for pups who love both flavors.


Is it safe to give your dog a bone to chew on?

The answer is yes—as long as you choose the right type of bone. Raw bones, such as beef bones, are safe for dogs to chew on. However, here are some things you should avoid  giving your dog: 

  • Cooked bones -They can splinter and cause choking or digestive issues
  • Small bones - These can be a choking hazard
  • Bones with meat still on them - These can harbor bacteria

Other treats your dogs will love

If you're not comfortable giving your dog raw bones or commercially-prepared bones, there are other options, such as:


1) Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are a type of beef jerky that is safe for dogs to chew on. They are a good option for pups who like to chew on beef bones.  


2) High-quality Rubber Toys

Rubber toys, such as balls and squeaky toys, are safe for dogs to chew on and play with.


3) BetterBone Flavor Infused Superchewer Dog Bones

If you ask us, the most safest and innovative dog bones on the market are the BetterBone Flavor Infused Superchewer Dog Bones.

BetterBone's BEEF FLAVOR INFUSED SUPERCHEWER is flavored with real dog food and is now much more durable thanks to the formulation's increased density!  And like all of our bones, it is free of preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics.


The core two ingredients are still natural, eco-friendly, and pet-friendly, but there is now 1 to 2% dog food flavoring added. The BetterBone promise is to keep your dog satisfied, secure, and healthy while minimizing environmental impact. 

Order yours now so your dog can have a chew-iffic time!