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BetterBone Gets Rave Reviews: Celebrating Our Features in the New York Times & WireCutter!

  • 2 min read

Hi BetterBone Family! Guess who's been wagging their tails all over the news? That’s right, it's us—BetterBone! We're absolutely thrilled to announce that we've been featured in both the New York Times and WireCutter. And oh boy, do they love us!

Why all the excitement? Well, for starters, we've been praised for our innovative approach to pet care. As the New York Times and WireCutter highlighted, BetterBone is the go-to choice for pet parents who want to steer clear of rawhide and nylon. Made from cellulose and vegetable oils, our bones are crafted to be not just safe but also a fun 'little project' for pets like Dave (shoutout to Pets staff writer Mel Plaut's dog!).

Here's the scoop straight from the press: "For pet parents looking to avoid rawhide and nylon, we’re fans of BetterBone, which is made out of cellulose and vegetable oils. Pets staff writer Mel Plaut’s dog Dave 'likes to work on the bones like a little project,' and the BetterBone means no ingesting plastic. While nylon bones can be tough on dog teeth, the BetterBones comes in three densities (soft, medium, hard). And it won a 2024 Best in Show for the natural pet category at the Global Pet Expo."

Isn’t that just pawsome? Our bones aren’t just chew toys; they’re a labor of love for your pets. And with three different densities—soft, medium, and hard—there’s a BetterBone for every dog’s chewing style and strength.

We're not just winning awards; we're winning hearts! The 2024 Best in Show at the Global Pet Expo for the natural pet category? Yep, that's us too!

So, what does all this buzz mean for our BetterBone family? More fun, more innovation, and a continued commitment to the health and happiness of your pets. We’re just getting started, and we can't wait to bring even more tail-wagging goodness to your homes.

Thank you to our wonderful community of pet parents, and to Dave (and of course, Mel Plaut) for being such fantastic fans. Keep those tails wagging, and remember, for a safer, more enjoyable chew, BetterBone has got your back... and your bark!