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6 Long-Lasting Dog Chews That Will Keep Your Energetic Pup Occupied

  • 4 min read

When it comes to keeping your pup entertained, there's nothing like a good chew toy. But let's be honest, not all dog chews are created equal. Some only last for a few minutes before your dog has demolished them, leaving you with a mess (and an unhappy dog).

If you've got a dog with lots of energy, you know how important it is to keep them occupied. Otherwise, they'll likely find their own entertainment - which may or may not be something you're happy about!

To save you the trouble, we've rounded up a list of long-lasting dog chews that will keep your energetic pup occupied. From indestructible bones to tough rubber toys, these chews are sure to stand up to even the most determined chewers, meaning you won't have to constantly monitor your dog to make sure they're not getting into trouble. So go ahead and give your pup something to sink their teeth into - they'll thank you for it!

But first you might ask:

How can I be sure that I’m choosing the safe dog chew? 

When it comes to choosing a dog chew, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind.

We’ve rounded up 3 simple steps to choose safe chews for your dogs:

1) Figure out your dog’s chewing style to know what dog chews are safe for them.

First, think about what type of chewer your pup is. If they're a heavy chewer, you'll want to choose a chew that's durable and will last them awhile. If they're a moderate chewer, you can choose something that's not as tough. And if they're a light chewer, you have even more options - including some that might be softer or even flavored.

2) Decide your best option for safe dog chews.

For gentle chewers, fabric and soft edible chews are great options that won't damage your pup's teeth or gums. Power-chewers will want something more durable like rubber--but make sure they're safe!

3) Get high-quality and safe dog chews.

Quality simply means that the dog chew is worth your and your pup’s while.

For pups with higher energy levels, we’ve picked out 6 selections.

Long-Lasting Dog Chews That Will Keep Your Energetic Pup Occupied

1) All Natural Dog Bones 

Non-rawhide dog bones are a safe and healthy way for any pup to chew.

BetterBone is a durable non-rawhide dog bone that suits every type of chewer. It's made with only two sustainable ingredients - cellulose and vegetable oil. The bones will flake off as the bone is chewed on, this is meant to protect your pups teeth but will maintain its strength and chewability very well. - TRY OUR SUPERCHEWER for the aggressive chewer in your life.

2) Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are a single-ingredient, easily-digestible chew treat made from bull penises. That’s right. 

These tough bully sticks will give even strong chewers like dogs a good 30 minutes of chewing time. Smaller breeds may get up to 1-2 hours or even days out of these!

They come in single sticks or braided varieties. They are also recommended for pups with sensitive systems

3) Lamb Horns 

These new natural chew bones for dogs are one of the safest out there, as they're made from a material that's hard and low risk of splintering.

Lamb horns for dogs are a fun way to give your pup some extra protein and nutrients. They're a good source of protein, iron, zinc, and other nutrients. But unlike antlers (and Buffalo horns), lamb horns are fully digestible and ideal for safe chewing.

Lamb horns are a great way to add some variety into your dog's diet. They can be found with or without the marrow removed, allowing you fill it up and give them treats like peanut butter! The high fat content in these bones make them perfect for dogs who need more energy on their plates.

4) Deer Antler

Deer antlers are a great alternative to rawhide for dogs because they don't easily splinter and have natural flavor. In addition, these chews last much longer than most other types of dog treats!

The deer antler bone is a healthy chew treat for your dog! It helps keep his teeth clean and releases brain chemicals that make him happy. They offer your dog all the goodness of a bone without the high fat content, stains and unpleasant odor of traditional chews.

5) Hooves 

Cow hooves are tough enough to withstand powerful jaws and even aggressive chewers will find these last a bit. They're also natural, without the heavy treatment seen in other chews like rawhides.

Cow hooves are also relatively cheap. One hoof costs less than a dollar, and cow hooves are even cheaper when purchased in bulk.

With beef hooves, the biggest challenge is the smell. The unpleasant odor intensifies as your dog starts to slobber all over it! These are best to be chewed outside.

6) Rubber Chews

If you're looking for a durable toy that will last longer than most consumable chews, consider buying your dog an indestructible rubber chew. Well-made and high quality rubbers are built to be tough so they cannot easily break or snap in two when bitten upon by dogs like some other types of toys might do!

So long as they're not too flimsy, rubber chew toys often represent the safest options for any dogs.  Choose ones that don't contain any toxic chemicals.

So, what’s the verdict?

Are long-lasting dog chews a good option for your energetic pup?

Absolutely! Not only do they provide hours of entertainment, but they also help to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean. Plus, there are so many different types and flavors to choose from that you can find the perfect one for your furry friend.

Ready to stock up on some long-lasting dog chews? Head over to our online store today!