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6 Best Chew Bones for Dogs: Reduce Your Dog’s Destructive Chewing

  • 5 min read

Dogs, as much as we love them, often get themselves into trouble by chewing on things they shouldn't. They explore the world with their mouths, and when they're anxious or bored they may resort to chewing furniture and other items around the home.

To keep your best friend from wreaking havoc in your house, it's best to provide them with thebest chew bones for dogs that won't cause any damage. Read this blog to get acquainted!

Why Do Dogs Chew Everything?

Some good old-fashioned chewing often accompanies puppy and dog explorations! Whether it's to relieve teething pain, keep healthy jaws strong or combat boredom - everything has its purpose. Not only does your pup get the added benefit of learning about their world but they also reap plenty of long-term rewards from having a chew here and there as well.Read this for our helpful survival guide for teething puppies!

While this might be a natural behavior, this could actually indicate that they're feeling lonely and suffering from separation anxiety, or behavior results from having been weaned too early.  Once you get to the root cause, try giving them some yummy chew bones - it's an easy way for Fido or Fluffy to satisfy their urge without destroying anything!

5 Best Chew Bones To Give Your Dogs

If you're a proud pet parent to an energetic pup, keep them in top shape with puppy chews and treats! Regularly engaging your furry pal's jaws can provide mental stimulation for their curious minds - plus it keeps 'em busy so they don't get into as much mischief.

#1 BetterBone

BetterBone chew bones are made from 100% natural ingredients which makes them safer than artificial pet products. The unique trident shape helps promote dental hygiene by helping to scrape away plaque and tartar buildup as they chew. Not only that but these bones are also non-toxic and hypoallergenic so you won't have to worry about any allergic reactions or other health issues. They are also non-splintering so there's no need to worry about sharp pieces getting into your pup's mouth or throat.

Furthermore, our ingredients are sustainably sourced so you can feel good about buying a pet product that reduces environmental impact.

#2 Bully Sticks

Bully sticks may be some of thebest chew bones for dogs out there! They are made from beef muscle, so you can trust that they are a safe, single-ingredient treat. Plus, bully sticks don't have the risk of splintering like other bones, making them particularly easy on your dog's gastrointestinal system. Additionally, since they are chewed on, they help keep your pup's teeth strong and clean!

#3 Dental Dog Chews

Dental dog chews have become increasingly popular amongst pet owners interested in improving their furry friend's dental health. These chews are specially designed to help clean the teeth and remove plaque and tartar buildup. Although they can be a safe alternative, there is currently no concrete proof that dental chews are more effective than other dental care products available on the market. 

Therefore, before you invest in dental dog chews it's important to do your own research and decide if these chews will bring added value for your beloved pooch.

#4 Beef Tracheas

Beef trachea is one of the bones that are safe for dogs to eat, and its nutritional content makes it an excellent choice. Made from the windpipe of cows, beef trachea is a dried dog chew naturally high in chondroitin and glucosamine, which can help treat arthritis in dogs. 

Not only is this chew a great way to provide your pup with some much-needed relief from joint pain, but it also promises other health benefits thanks to its high protein content. All in all, beef trachea is an incredibly good option for bones given the multitude of vitamins and minerals packed into every serving; plus you don’t have to worry about sharp bones damaging your furry friend’s digestive tract.

This chew treat is definitely one of thebest choice chew bones for dogs. Read more about thebenefits of dog chew treats.

#5 Tripe Twist Sticks

These chews are made from the third stomach of cows and are twisted into sticks, allowing pooches to soften it up and tear off small pieces. As doing so massages their gums and helps them during teething, Tripe Twists provide soothing relief for your pup but also have the added benefit of flossing their chompers at the same time! With their unique taste and chewing capabilities, Tripe Twists make a great treat and will help keep your best fur-iend's teeth clean and healthy. 

Things To Consider When Choosing A Dog Bone

While there are many safe natural chew options available,  you need to find the one that is right for your pet. Take note of the following considerations when choosing the right chew bone for your dog:


Managing your pup's weight is key in ensuring its long-term health and well-being. Keep them active with regular exercise, adjust feeding schedules to match their metabolism, and carefully measure out healthy snacks (including their chew bones) that won't add extra fats or calories – it all adds up!


As your puppy goes through the teething stage, a natural urge to chew on anything and everything may arise. Helping them find safe alternatives is key - not only for protecting furniture or shoes but also you! Natural chews provide an ideal solution that are both nutritious and satisfying for their little mouths.


Allergic pups have limited options when it comes to chews. Common proteins may cause itching and discomfort, so seeking out alternative sources of nutrition can help your furry friend find relief! Try exploring unusual animal meats like Nylon Chews for a fun chew option that won't bother their allergies.

Be Patient and Realistic

Even the best-trained dogs have moments of misbehaving, and chances are your pup might chew on something that you'd instead he didn't! If this happens don't get too frustrated - go back to the basics and reinforce good chewing habits. Chew bones for dogs are great for teaching our pups proper chewing techniques and showering them with the attention they deserve. 

With patience, consistency, and plenty of chew bones your dog will soon be back on track and behaving again in no time!

Let The Chewing Begin With BetterBone!

Regardless of what type of dog you have—whether it’s a small puppy or an adult—investing in some quality chew bones like Betterbone can make all the difference when trying to reduce destructive chewing habits. Click here to order!