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BetterBone better bone


"My dogs are tough chewers, and this is one of the first toys they have gotten and not destroyed within the first day. Absolutely love them!"


All Natural

Made of just two ingredients

Gentle & Effective

Safe dental cleaning for all ages

Eco Friendly

Sustainable, net-zero manufacturing

Carbon Neutral

A tree planted for every purchase


BetterBone is committed to doing better for our pets and for the planet.

With a solid foundation of 25 years in sustainable material development and manufacturing, BetterBone is committed to providing a safer and eco-friendly option for your furry friend. Our mission is to deliver a hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and delicious dog chew that you can feel good about. BetterBone is ethically manufactured, utilizing sustainably sourced, food-grade, and all-natural ingredients.

Safer Ingredients, Sustainable Sourcing

At BetterBone, we prioritize your dog's safety and the health of the planet. Our proprietary material and dental cleaning design are specifically crafted with your dog's well-being in mind. Third-party verification confirms that BetterBone is CO2 neutral, uses zero non-renewable resources, and is sustainably sourced. We believe in making sustainable choices without compromising on quality or enjoyment.

Choose BetterBone for a trusted and eco-friendly dog chew that ensures both your pet's happiness and the preservation of our environment.

BetterBone sets a new standard in the pet industry with their GMO-free dog treats and chew toys. Committed to sourcing only natural, human-grade ingredients from the food industry, BetterBone guarantees the absence of genetically modified organisms. With strict European regulations prohibiting GMOs in pet food production, pet owners can trust that their furry friends are enjoying safe and wholesome products. BetterBone's sustainable practices and third-party certifications further reinforce their dedication to quality and the well-being of pets. By choosing BetterBone, pet owners prioritize their pets' health while supporting eco-friendly choices in the pet industry.
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Discover the remarkable world of natural and sustainable chew toys for dogs in our latest blog post. We explore the significance of eco-friendly options and why BetterBone stands out as the ultimate choice. Learn about the benefits of selecting natural and sustainable toys, including the health and safety advantages they offer. BetterBone takes it a step further by being hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and compliant with the stringent REACH standards in Europe. Dive into the innovative features that set BetterBone apart, such as their eco-friendly materials, superior quality, and dental cleaning design. With a focus on sustainability, BetterBone ensures responsible sourcing, manufacturing, and reduced environmental impact. By opting for BetterBone, you provide your furry friend with a safe, durable, and enjoyable chewing experience while making a positive impact on the planet. Choose natural. Choose sustainable. Choose BetterBone.
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 We explore the sustainable potential of PEFC wood flour (aka wood pulp or cellulose) and its diverse applications. We discussed how BetterBone, a leading provider of natural and sustainable dog chews, incorporates PEFC wood flour into their innovative products. PEFC wood flour stands out as an environmentally conscious ingredient, sourced from responsibly managed forests. It holds FDA approval for human consumption and has been used in various food items for a significant period. BetterBone utilizes PEFC wood flour in their dog chews to provide sustainable and dog-safe options. The incorporation of this eco-friendly ingredient enhances texture, durability, and overall quality. Moreover, using PEFC wood flour reduces the carbon footprint of the products compared to petroleum-based alternatives. By choosing BetterBone dog chews made with PEFC wood flour, pet owners contribute to a greener future while ensuring the health and satisfaction of their furry companions.
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