BetterBone SMALL BEEF FLAVOR INFUSED Original All Natural Dog Chew Bone

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The BetterBone Small BEEF Infused Original Density Natural Dog Chew 

The BetterBone Small BEEF FLAVOR INFUSED ORIGINAL is an industry first innovation in dog chew flavoring. We use all natural beef dog food to flavor our bones instead of chemicals, or unnatural compounds that can be potentially harmful to your best friend. 

Made from the same two all-natural and eco-friendly/pet-friendly ingredients but now with real beef! Keeping your smaller pup satiated, safe, and healthy while reducing environmental impact is the BetterBone promise. Our standard density small Better Bone is perfect for teething puppies, moderate to mild chewers, and older pups with sensitive puppies. 

Our puptomers love BetterBones; chew satisfaction is guaranteed! 

A simply better alternative to rawhide, artificial and petroleum-based pet products.

Winner of the Dogster 2022 Editor's Choice dog toy of the year!
Winner of the Pet Innovation 2021 Awards Dog Toy Product of the year award!


    Patent-pending flavor infusion technology. All-natural dog food. This is not a "wash" like the competition or some artificial chemical. There is beef throughout with real dog food throughout using our innovative process. Contains Beef, Wheat, and Soy. 

    Made from 2 all-natural ingredients. Sustainably forested wood cellulose fiber and renewable sugarcane-based oil. The wood cellulose is the same found in parmesan cheese & yogurt. We then add delicious all-natural BEEF dry dog food.

    No nylon, parabens, BPA, phthalates, or substances of very high concern (SVHC). You also never find any artificially derived flavoring, and no mutagenic, or carcinogenic chemicals.

    Our innovative material is splinter-resistant, making it safer for your best friend. The bone will flake off as your pup chews it. This is to protect the integrity of your dog’s teeth and is designed to do this. 

    Our innovative trident-shaped design features three unique chew ends, dental nubs, dental ridges, and smooth to keep teeth clean - Please ensure your dog’s teeth are healthy and strong before giving them any dog chew toy.

    BetterBone's innovative trident-shaped design makes it ergonomic & easy to chew for days!

    Our manufacturing process & materials reduce emissions of C02, consumption of fossil fuels and non-renewables(including the manufacturing processes), and create zero new petroleum-based plastics.

    Reach out to The BetterBone to speak to our leadership team with questions or concerns.

  • BetterBone Dog Chew Ingredients
    100% Sustainable & Renewable. Sustainably forested wood waste fiber and renewable sugarcane-based oil.

  • BetterBone Dog Chew Flavoring
    Dehydrated all-natural dry dog food is infused into the bone for equal distribution throughout the bone. Bones are 1 to 2% dog food by weight- Contains Beef, Soy, & Wheat. 

Small- 3.3oz - 5"x4"x1.75"
Find the Large bone here

100% Sustainable & Renewable. PEFC Sustainably forested wood cellulose fiber and renewable sugarcane-based oil. - Manufactured in Croatia.

100% FSC Recycled paper & sustainable, non-toxic ink.

**BetterBone Original is not intended to be a meal replacement and intended only as a dog chew for play. During play small pieces may be ingested. Monitor your dog at all times during play.

Our innovative and proprietary material is changing the pet industry for the better. Our material reduces c02 emissions, overall carbon footprint, uses zero nonrenewable materials in its construction. We have used third-party life cycle analysis to evaluate our entire process from cradle to gate to ensure we are making the changes necessary for healthier dogs and a healthier planet. 


Measureable Change

Our innovative, and sustinabile supply chain are changing the pet industry for the better. Our materials reduce c02 emissions, overall carbon footprint, use zero new virgin plastic materials (in our leashes and collars), and use absolutely no petroleum plastics in the all natural Betterbone. We use third-party life cycle analysis to evaluate our entire process cradle to gate to ensure we are making the changes necessary for healthier dogs, and a healthier planet. Blue Standard Inc & The BetterBone are an Accredited Pet Sustainability Coalition Company, Acheiving multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) along the way.

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