Better for your dog.
Better for the planet.

Discover BetterBone's all natural, innovative and sustainable pet products at PetMania stores across Ireland and learn how BetterBone is revolutionizing pet care. Visit your nearest PetMania location and treat your furry friend to the best in quality and sustainability. We can't wait to see you there!

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Why BetterBone?

#Tailoredfordogs & we mean it! BetterBone is the new standard in all-natural chew toys for your dog. Simply put our new innovative material is the healthier, safer, and sustainable approach for your dog, family, and our planet.

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All-Natural Ingredients

Sourced directly from the food industry, our two all-natural ingredients are simply safer, for your  dog, and a healthier alternative to 

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Renewable, Sustainable, Carbon-Netural

Our ingredients are 100% renewable, sustainable, and food-grade. Made from cellulose and vegetable oil sourced directly from the European food-industry BetterBone is the healthier, and safer choice for your pup!
BetterBone as a company is also 100% Carbon Neutral!

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3 Different Densities for Any Strength Chewer!

Soft Density BetterBone: Ideal for gentle chewers or older dogs, the soft density BetterBone is designed to be easier on the teeth and gums.
Medium Density BetterBone: This is the all-rounder in the BetterBone lineup, balancing durability with a bit of give. It's suitable for most dogs, providing a satisfying chew that's tough enough to last but not so hard to reduce risk of dental damage.
Hard Density BetterBone: Created for the toughest of chewers, the hard density BetterBone Hard offers maximum durability.

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Hypoallergenic, GMO-Free, Splinter Resistant

Unlike petroleum based plastics like nylon, and rubber our all natural BetterBone's are hypoallergenic, gmo-free, safe to ingest and the perfect replacement for any of your platic products

3 Sizes, 3 Densities, 3 Dental Health Promoting Ends

#tailored for dogs we have an end, and a durability for any and every dog.

Dental nubs

Perfect for cleaning in those hard to reach places.

Smooth rounded ends

Perfect for massaging gums and satiating the need to chew. 


Dental Ridges

Provides an interesting surface for your pup to chew on.

Loved by tens of thousands of dog owners across the globe!

With thousands for BetterBone lovers across the globe BetterBone is the right choice for you, your pup, and the planet.


5-stars feedback from worldwide customers

600+ Retailers love and trust BetterBone!

Trusted by retailers evertywhere

Renewable, Sustainable, Carbon-Neutral.

Over 520+ Cubic tons of C02 sequestered through Betterbone Sales!

Our Mission: Better for your dog. Better for the planet.Dogs hold a special place in our hearts, deserving the finest care and products. We prioritize their diets, health check-ups, and affection. However, when it comes to satisfying their innate need to chew, the traditional options often fall short.

Common dog chews are usually crafted from materials like petroleum-based nylon, chemical-heavy rawhides, rubber, and ropes. Despite our best intentions, these choices can pose dental and health risks to our beloved pets. It's perplexing to provide our furry companions with such subpar chewing materials when we are so meticulous about their other needs.

BetterBone emerged from a profound belief that there had to be a superior, safer, and more sustainable way to cater to dogs' chewing needs, irrespective of their size or breed. Armed with over 25 years of expertise in material science, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize the pet industry by introducing the first innovation in dog chews in over seven decades.

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